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Whether you are looking to maintain a healthy weight or lose a few pounds, our office in Watertown, NY can provide you with nutritional supplements to help you achieve your goals. In today’s society, excess fat is a symptom of what NuLean calls “Body Burden”. This is a modern day illness crippling your hormones which creates fat producing toxins. These toxics include preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, processed sugar, flour, artificial flavorings/sweeteners, heavy metals, trans fatty acids and pesticides. With more than 80,000 man-made chemicals released each year, fewer than 5% have been tested for their toxicity.

The NuLean system is based on nutritional science and biological research. The problems of excess weight and toxic inflammation are cumulative by nature and involve a variety of nutritional and lifestyle factors. Expecting a magic pill or fad diet to resolve such problems overnight has proven to be unworkable, at the very least. Years of neglect and compromise are common issues amongst the majority of overweight people. The keys are simple nutrition and a natural diet, moderate exercise and EFFECTIVE CLEANSING. The NuLean system combines all three into an extremely easy to follow, efficient and safe regimen that yields measurable results in as little as one week. The results are often quite dramatic despite how easy people find it to follow. NuLean’s unique system is designed to decrease the amount of toxins in your system with a simple, but effective program backed by clinical results!

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