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BrainTap’s technology combines a blend of light, sound and spoken word to relax, strengthen and reboot your busy brain.  Over the years, this light and sound technology has been extensively researched to achieve the perfect synchronization of physical, mental and emotional balance.  The combination of light, sound and spoken word helps you to balance your left/right brain activity and produces a relaxation response, to give your body what it needs to reverse the negative effects of stress.

How Does Brain Tap Work

Light Frequencies:
pulses train the brain for a healthy balance of brain wave activity.

Beats and Tones:
These tones emulate relaxed brain waves to guide the brain to achieve an effective level of focus.

Meridians, or trigger points in the ears can directly balance the body’s organs and systems. While they are typically activated through the use of acupuncture, the BrainTap earphones are equipped with 9 LED lights can achieve the same effect – without needles!

10 Cycle Holographic Music:
Our unique SMT audio recordings create a 360 degree experience to calm the mind.
Guided Visualization: With a selection of over 700 titles, our Audio sessions can help you design your life. You can literally focus on everything you want out of life, and then go out and achieve it!

Achievement and Performance

Your body is designed to be in a relaxed, healing state most of the time. These days, however, most people spend the better part of their day in stress overload. Your brain copes by generating more high-intensity brain waves and suppressing those that calm and focus you. Once your brain habituates to this stress pattern, it becomes difficult to wind down. You may experience foggy thinking, poor memory, lack of motivation, negative self-talk, difficulty concentrating and low energy—all of which set the stage for unhealthy lifestyle habits such as stress-eating and smoking.

Destructive behaviors like Alcohol or smoking can be a killer addiction that is often at the core of many psychological, emotional and relationship problems. In this SMT session, Dr. Porter will guide you in evaluating the problem from the creative right side of your brain where new options can be realized and implemented. Then, with mental rehearsal, your logical left brain will show you how to use these solutions in your everyday life.

Behavior Recovery


If your child can sit for 10-20 minutes, they can benefit from the BrainTap Series! Our children’s series covers autistic children, being your child’s inner voice, and being an enlightened child. Every day is an opportunity to help you help your child be a confident, bright adult to affect change in today’s culture.

Our ultimate guide to health and wellness. The Brain Tap series will help you discover a gluten-free lifestyle, pain relief, fasting for health, neuropathy, cleansing and so much more. Whatever you are going through in life – we have a series to fit you!

Club Reduce


Are you or a loved one coping with diabetes, cancer, menopause, or want to learn more about childbirth, stress-free dentistry or sleeping better at night? With over 21 different titles to choose from, this is the series for you.

Any student or anyone in with a learning disability can benefit from this instructive series. We all need encouragement and motivation when studying – and this series provides this for each individual. Active your hidden talents, today!



Life mastery can be difficult, but Dr. Porter’s unique series can help you, help yourself. With training in brain fitness, motivation for the morning and evening, finding love and mastering relationships, you can guarantee your questions will be answered about life’s finer details.

Each sport can cause stress for an athlete either physically or mentally. The BrainTap sports series covers everything from golfing to equestrians. In addition, it has a general overview section on mastering your sport and performance under pressure.

Sports Athletics Performance


Whether your are building your own empire or working for someone else, this series can help you with public speaking, abundance and breaking free from the money game. There is also an entrepreneur academy covering building professional relationships, creating a winning strategy, and staying true to life’s priorities.

Brain Tap has recently developed a series specifically geared towards those recovering or suffering from the effects of PTSD. Whether you have recently returned from a difficult deployment, or had a traumatic life event, our series will help encourage and motivate you.


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