It's Time To Get Fit

  • Struggling to Relieve Stress/Anxiety?
  • Looking For a Lifestyle Change?
  • Hoping to Lose Weight?
  • Have Unwanted Habits or Behaviors?
  • Having Trouble Adjusting After a Recent Deployment?

The Great Escape Wellness Approach

The Great Escape Wellness is designed for the health of your mind, body and soul!

Brain Tap

BrainTap’s technology combines a blend of light, sound and spoken word to relax, strengthen and reboot your busy brain and gives your body what it needs to reverse the negative effects of stress.

AW3 Laser Treatments

Compared to traditional methods the AW3 does not utilize needles or surgery to accomplish the same goal – a smaller waistline as well as smooth facial features.

NuLean Nutrition

Whether you are looking to maintain a healthy weight or lose a few pounds, our office in Watertown, NY can provide you with nutritional supplements to help you achieve your goals.

Terrie Lalone


The Great Escape was just a thought and a dream of owner Terrie LaLone, in November of 2016.  Previous years of difficult circumstances led her to try all three of the products she now represents, and her passion for them is evident.  If you ask her, she will say: “they changed me… mind, body and soul.”  Her belief in BrainTap, Laser Lipo and NuLean Nutrition gave her the confidence and motivation to start this business with the goal of sharing with others a way to achieve their own goals.


“I started the business because I have experience it myself and it turned my life around”


My way of thinking


More confidence


More positive


More successful


Let go of the negative

“I lost weight with the Laser Lipo and on the Nutrition for my health.

I am not just selling this – I am living and believe in this and love what I have become. I can’t wait to share this with the public!”

Are you Struggling with PTSD?

BrainTap has an entire series devoted to dealing with old triggers of pst traumatic experiences utilizing positive imagery. It honors where you have been and help you to get where you want to go.


Make Peace with your life


Reclaim Your emotions


Turn down the Volume


Reconnect with Life


“So relaxing! Did a brain tap session and could feel my stress level drop tremendously!! I absolutely loved it & def would recommend all my friends to give it a try!! Great atmosphere,friendly,caring owner. I will be back!!!”

– Samantha Jo

“I have personally did this and its fantastic. It is a great way to relieve stress and get control of your life again.”

– Robert-Bobbi Filkins

“I had the opportunity to visit Terrie at The Great Escape! She has worked hard and remodeled a lovely place for her BrainTap ,Laserlipo, services! Very impressed! Loved the BrainTap session,, it certainty is something young and old could benefit from! I will be there often, doing my Brain Tap and Lipo services!”

– Michele Speno Doherty

Results may vary on each individual and are not guaranteed.

We believe in our products and want to share them with you!


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The Great Escape Wellness

The Great Escape Wellness is designed for the health of your mind, body and soul!

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